An Innovative Paradigm in Trauma Education

Who we are.​

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We are an international team of experienced surgeons, educational scientists and engineers connected by the vision to enhance trauma education to a level where excellence can be trained in a lifelike simulation environment.

Similar to the aviation industry, constant learning, continuous simulation, lifelike rehearsal and objective skill assessment and certification can lead to ultimately better outcomes without putting the patient at risk.

We are gathering a faculty pool of globally renowned surgeons and teaching enthusiasts bringing together their ideas to design the most innovative and standardized course concepts.


Together we're sharing the aspiration to build the most advanced trauma education organization in the world - to ultimately enabling a better patient care.


Running novel educational formats and pathways to provide the most advanced hands-on courses and online surgical trainings worldwide.

Our mission is to reinvent surgical education by utilizing technological and didactic innovations providing the most realistic training simulations. We do this in line with highest compliance conformity and addressing the needs & values of the new generation of surgeons.


Certified bioskills training courses for trauma and orthopaedic surgeons.

Learn independently, expand your network and meet the experts. 

The newest course concept in the Whitebook for Medical Care of the Severely Injured (“Weißbuch Schwerverletztenversorgung”).

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We follow Key Principles to provide you with the most advanced hands-on and online
Surgical Trainings worldwide. 

We are providing a clear educational pathway towards the level and specialization of an excellent surgeon.

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You are interested in teaching and would like to lead our courses as an instructor and share your knowledge?


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