L5 Specialist - Lower extremity focus (Tibial head/Pilon)

Two-day Specialist course, focus on lower extremity with lifelike fractured specimen (Tibial head & Pilon). Faculty: Bertil Bouillon, Karl-Heinz Frosch, Thomas Mittlmeier & others
Please register at our partner portal bikmed: follow the link in the event description!
L5 Specialist - Lower extremity focus (Tibial head/Pilon)

Time & Location

30 Nov 2018, 12:00 – 01 Dec 2018, 14:30
CADLAB ACADEMY, Nattermannallee 1, 50829 Cologne

Course Details

You're invited to participate in the Trauma Academy "L5 Specialist" course with focus on lower extremity - in collaboration with AUC. Target group are up to 18 experienced surgeons with knee and ankle specialisation. Two-day fracture management course is divided in two hands-on cadlab sessions embedded in an innovative planning and discussion concept.

Each session begins with case planning in groups based on X-ray scans, CT-scans and 3D printed models of the fractures. Followed by the treatment of lifelike fractured specimen. And finally results are discussed based on 3D C-arm fluoroscopy on site:

  • Day 1: treatment of Pilon fractures
  • Day 2: treatment of Tibial head fractures

High-profile faculty will guide and support you during the day:

  • Chair: Bertil Bouillon
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Biberthaler
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Friederichs
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber-Wagner
  • Dr. Jan von Recum

Multiple sponsors provide expertise and implants/instrumentation to find the perfect material for the individual fracture. Special thanks to our partners to make this format possible.

Successful participants will be awarded with the TRAUMA ACADEMY Silver level certificate.

Participant fee is 890€. Please follow the link for further information, detailed agenda and registration trough our partner portal bikmed following this link.

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